Thank you!

On behalf of the Town Of Port McNeill, we would like to thank everyone that helped us for Canada Day this year! We had a great time with everyone and would like to acknowledge all of our staff and volunteers that helped to make this day happen.

Mayor Wickstrom, Councillor Downey & Councillor Mitchell.

Town of Port McNeill Staff:

Aaron Neely, Ashlyn Walker, Brenda Johnson, Carole Frabone, Chris Woo, Christina Jackson, Connor Mork, Ella Barrett, Emilie Adams, Garrett Chalmers, Julian Allen, Kai Cyr, Kaitlyn Wilson, Laura Evans, Leanna Ogden, Lucas Williams, Marilyn MacArthur, Matt Datos, Mya Servatius, Nicole Bullock, Owen Johnson, Rebecca Adams, Ryan Woo, Scott Sinclair, Shelby Wilson, Trinity McGinn.

Community Volunteers and Corporate Contributors:

Brad Adams, Gene Wickstrom, Jennifer Newell, Kathy Walker, Kim Lefebre, Maddy Frank, Madison Woo, Myo Tun, Reesa Prevost, Ryan Minihan, Shannon Llewellyn, Stan Rukin, Treasure Lubrick, Felipe & Jussara Hirata, Gord Oppen & the Gatehouse Theatre, IGA, Island Foods, Reaper Signs, The Port McNeill RCMP and Bounce-a-Rama Rentals.

Also a very special thank you to Canada Bread for their kind and generous donations!