Hiring – Public Works Labourer/Operator

The Town of Port McNeill is hiring a Public Works Labourer/Operator

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Performs all of the duties and responsibilities of a labourer.

2. Skilled operation of the following vehicles and equipment:

a. Dump trucks of up to 6 cu. M. capacity with or without air brakes
b. Flusher/vacuum truck
c. Farm tractor and accessories’
d. Utility trucks up to 1 ton size
e. Sand/salt spreaders
f. Front and underbody snow plows
g. Rubber-tired loaders and loader/backhoes
h. Brine truck

3. Semi-skilled operation of the following vehicles and equipment:
a. Grass cutting vehicles and equipment
b. Compressors
c. Generators
d. Gas and/or electric pumps
e. Jack hammers (air or electric)
f. Compactors (plate, wheeled or hand)
g. Street sweepers
h. Other related similar vehicles and equipment

4. Operator servicing of vehicles and equipment by:

a. Lubrication
b. Refueling
c. Washing and cleaning
d. Assisting mechanic as required
e. Maintain vehicle logs and records

5. Assist in the installation, maintenance and repairs of water, drainage and sewer lines, manholes, hydrants, catch basins, etc.

6. Other duties as may be assigned.


Applications are due by May 19, 2023, at 16:00 (4:00pm)
Please submit them to: reception@portmcneill.ca or drop off at the Town Office at 1775 Furney Place